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“Trust me, I'm an architect”  

[author unknown, but yes.]


master degree

in architecture and urban design

Architect & Urban Designer

I think you might suspect that you will become an architect when, as a kid, you built convertible spaces using Lego.

Designing new things can be wonderful. You can let your imagination run wild and create something amazing from scratch. In a redesign, you work with many more conditions. And on the one hand, it's a bigger puzzle, but can be very rewarding... because, don't you just love those 'before' & 'after' photos? <;

During my studies, I attended the Creative Design course, which opened my eyes to a different approach to the design process. It showed me, that we can actually create a more original thing by drawing inspiration from outside our industry. Since then, I have been inspired by various things such as glass, nature, fashion, painting, psychology or new technologies. Take a concrete printer as an example, or light-conducting concrete with optical fibers, the possibilities are amazing.

I really like organic shapes but at the same time, I'm very attracted to minimalistic ones. One of my favorite architects is Toyoo Ito. Maybe it's because his designs trap organic quality within minimalistic formes.

I graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Wrocław University of Technology.

My thesis project won the SARP distinction.

Since then, I have worked as an architect in Barcelona, Dublin, and of course, Wrocław. I just enjoy design.


* Research

* Creative thinking

* Design Process

* 3D Thinking

* Sketching

* Model making

* Technical drawings

* & more


* Photoshop

* Autocad

  Featured PROJECTS

Sky Tower

sky tower

Shopping Mall Design

* Interior Design

* Visualizations

* Elevation Design

* Technical drawings

* Contact with subcontractors

Fold Studio



I had the pleasure to work on the interior and elevation design for the Sky Tower Shopping Center.

At that time, the building of the gallery in a rough state was almost completed. It was a stage of intensive creation of the concept of interior and facade appearance, intertwined with making technical decisions. Below - only a few selected visualizations.


various projects

* Architecture

* Interior Design

* Concept stage

* Visualizations

* Elevation Design

* Technical drawings

* Contact with subcontractors

* Preparation of Planning 

   Permission documents.

* On site supervision

Aidan Powell

& Associates Architects



At Aidan Powell's office, I worked on various projects & all stages of the design process - from the concept stage, drafting, preparing documents for Planning Office, to construction site supervision.

Aidan had lots of experience and was an excellent strategist. He had amazing knowledge of the law and used it very efficiently. Working with him taught me that nothing is impossible and that there is always a way.

I especially liked it when he shared with us all the little news and victories, as well as the difficulties the project faced. It was very motivating because we felt it was our struggle too.

Aidan Powell

diploma project

The Roosevelt Island Universal Arts Center

thesis supervisor

Dariusz Dziubinski

Technical University of Wroclaw - the faculty of Architecture


Diploma Project

The Roosevelt Island Universal Arts Center project was originally the theme of a global architectural competition. This is a quite large scope for a diploma thesis, but I took up this topic anyway.

The project consists of three buildings: Theater, Gallery, and Conference Center. One of the buildings is a kind of transparent "cocoon" for the existing ruins of the hospital. Each building has its own character and completely different materials and colors. It's all connected by a common space that can be reached by crossing the illuminated boulevard.




Technical University of Wroclaw - the faculty of Architecture



This is probably one of my favorite projects. A library that looks like a glowworm at night. I would love to see it built.

Organic shapes derive from function. Spaces and floors blend seamlessly with each other. The inner courtyard sweeps us in. Translucent bookshelves are made of recycled materials and suspended from the ceiling. The interior is bright, spacious and some partitions are movable.

bib 00.jpg

Model making

Throughout my career, I've been making models out of all sorts of crazy things. There were dough and pasta models, clay models, paper, and plexiglass models. There was also an ice model - you had to take pictures quickly.
The ability to work in scale is useful in any work with mock-ups. It also helps others to visualize the project accurately.

I remember one hotel model that we designed with a friend for the competition. He made a mock-up in the Quake level editor. Later, you could walk around the project and the area and of course play Quake.

Model Making
bib 7.jpg
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